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Man standing by the Ocean


Most of us have an idea of our own posture; the positions we usually adopt when we stand and sit. We also have an idea of how we would like our posture improved.

Of course, part of the problem is this very static idea of how we use our bodies. If we think we should sit or stand in a particular 'position', then we will tend to be quite fixed and rigid.

In reality, our bodies were made to move and even the most still activities include some movement (hopefully at least by our breathing!)

Alexander Technique lessons help get this message through to the body, encouraging it to sit, stand and move in a way that is more in tune with itself.

With less holding of tension in the body, it frequently feels lighter because its muscles are not acting against each other.

That physical feeling of lightness and ease also means that our mood and perception changes; we cannot help but realise that we have been trying a little too hard and, ironically, been less effective as a result.

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