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Pip Bondy is the lady who first introduced me to Alexander Technique.  She teaches in North Wales.

Richard Brennan runs an exceptional Alexander Technique training course in Ireland. One of its distinguishing features is week-long visits by teachers of international reputation.

The Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique was founded in 1958 and is the largest such organisation in the world. This website includes a directory of members.

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"Making uphills easier on your back"

Six tips for how to avoid or reduce backpain while hill-walking.

Published in 'Trail Magazine' of December 2018.

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Robert Rickover practices Alexander Technique in Nebraska and Canada. He has also built this incredible online resource. The audio section alone has hundreds of interviews about the Technique.

'Body Learning' is Robert Rickover's podcast site.

This is one of my interviews with him, about the important distinction between teaching and the facilitation of learning.


How can I make going uphill easier?

"How can I make going uphill easier?"

This is an article I wrote about how to walk uphill with less effort.

Published in the May 2018 edition of Trail Magazine.

How to wak

"How to walk"

This three-page article of mine gives advice on how to walk with more poise.

Published in The Ramblers 'Walk Magazine' of Autumn 2018.

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