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Red Hair Model
Shoulder & neck pain


Our bodies are marvels of evolution; they offer us so much freedom!

Unfortunately, they offer us so much freedom that we are frequently given the opportunity to physically hurt ourselves. It is quite difficult to be enthusiastic about the 'design' of the body just after you have bitten your own tongue!

In a similar way, we are free to place our shoulders and our necks in a wide variety of positions (by contrast, no matter where we place our legs, our hips joints have to stay in the same place).

This freedom of our shoulders and necks only becomes an issue when we hold a position for too long. Not only can that cause pain, but over time it becomes a habit that we don't know how to change.

Pain relief does not change the cause of the problem. Strengthening muscles only allows them to pull harder. The effective, lasting solution is simple; change the habit.

This is what Alexander Technique does. It helps the body relearn how to move with ease and to change the habits that are the real problem.

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