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Making the hills easier on your back.

flowcoach lower back pain

Escaping into the hills in one way to take a break from our problems. Unfortunately, some of those problems seem determined to come with us!

Given how prevalent back pain is in our culture, it is no surprise that some people suffer from it even when exercising. But this is not inevitable. Pain is feedback from our bodies: feedback that is telling us to do things a little differently. That might mean subtly changing how we walk, or even just changing how we walk uphill. There are six simple, practicable things we can do to look after our backs better while in the mountains. Feel free to click on the photo below to read them (alternatively, you can read this article in the latest edition of Trail magazine). If you can't click through from the photo, there is another link at the bottom of this page.

If you find this useful, I'd really appreciate your feedback, perhaps on Google or on Facebook.

flowcoach lower back pain

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